Session Messenger Name Purchase


Buy a Session Messenger ID name with a credit card or major cryptocurrencies.


Session Messenger IDs are difficult to remember.  Something like 0519adecec8df7a32be582116e417b4ea1dff40f33d7bf8f0bc2901b6081cd9137 is not exactly very personable. Now you can buy a name of your own liking that links to your Session ID, and pay for it with a credit card or major cryptocurrencies.

Names can have letters (a-z), numbers, underscores (_)and hyphens (-).  Hyphen must not be in the beginning or the end of the name. Numbers, letters or underscores can be anywhere in the name. Name must be available: For instance, Larry and Jack are taken, please choose something else.  If you change your Session ID in the future, or you wish to sell the name, you can reassign the ID and ownership at a later date.

You will be able to choose your Session name after you complete the checkout process.


  1. Session ID to connect the new name to.  You get that from the Session App.
  2. Oxen Wallet Address to assign the ownership of the name to.  You can download the Oxen wallet from or from your mobile phone’s app store.

See video below on how to purchase a Session Name from Privacy Pro Shop