Check the Session ONS name or Lokinet .loki domain you purchased, or are willing to purchase, on the Oxen Blockchain Explorer:
Type your name in the box on top of the page and click search. If the name is available for purchase it says Available: Yes. If not, it will show the owner’s wallet address and Session ID or Lokinet site mapping. Note: If wallet address for that name has been purchased, only the owner of the wallet name can buy the Session name.

Contact support
Session Messenger: PrivacyProShop
Phone: +1-360-578-9144 (Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm, Pacific Time Zone, USA)

Support Articles

  • Howto use two Session IDs in one Android device
    Video version of this guide is available at YouTube.
  • How to use multiple Session Messenger identities in Windows
    While Session doesn’t have direct support for multiple identities within the app, you can start several copies of the app and have each of them with a different identity.
  • Howto Install & Fix Lokinet GUI and DNS on Pop!_Os, Ubuntu or Debian
    Lokinet for Linux is still beta software. It neeeds some fixing in order to make it work in most cases. Here is a how-to created for Pop_Os! but should work for Ubuntu and Debian, too.
  • 12 Misconceptions and Myths about Session Messenger
    There is lots of misinformation floating about Session Private Messenger. This article busts some of the myths.
  • How to buy a Lokinet ONS Domain Name
  • What is Lokinet, Lokinet Exit Nodes & Anonymous VPN and why should you care?
    What is Lokinet?Lokinet is a decentralized onion routed network that uses Oxen service nodes as relays. Lokinet supports any traffic that can be put in an IP packet. It is also designed to be low latency, so you can run real-time voice and video services over Lokinet. Service node operators are economically incentivized to provide bandwidth and processing power for the network.What is a Lokinet Exit Node?Exit nodes are computers on […]
  • How to Buy Session ONS Name without Oxen Cryptocurrency
    Session Messenger IDs are impossible to remember. The Oxen blockchain that Session runs on top of allows you to buy a name of your own liking that links to your Session ID. You can do that with the Oxen wallet if you happen to have enough Oxen coins in there. If you don’t have Oxen coins, here is how you do it using other cryptos or credit or debit card. Please […]
  • How to Receive Email Anonymously
    This guide is also available as a YouTube video. Watch it on Youtube or anonymously over Lokinet at Invidious.Loki Every now and then a need arises to be able to receive email anonymously. Maybe you are setting up an account that requires email confirmation, or something else. Now there is an easy way to accomplish that, for free. It’s called Mailsnapp.Loki. And because it is on Lokinet, nobody will be able […]