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How to buy a Lokinet ONS Domain Name

  1. Purchase a Lokinet ONS Domain Name Registration for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years at On the Order Received Page scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Lokinet Domain Registration Form link

    Make a note of your Order Number and Confirmation code on the Thank You page. Please write them down, then click “Continue to Registration”:Type in the Domain Name you wish to purchase, and press the tab key, or click another field to initiate the search. Then fill in your Oxen Wallet address, and Lokinet Address you wish to link to the new domain name. See steps 2 & 3 below for information on how to get them.When everything looks good, click on “Register My Lokinet Name!” button and registration should happen. You canb check the Transaction Details by clicking the button. It does a lookup against Oxen’s Blockchain and should show your name registered.Oxen Blockchain Explorer will show output like this:
  2. If you don’t have an Oxen wallet yet, please download and install the Oxen wallet. Create a wallet – pretty much just follow the prompts and enter a password if you would like. In the wallet, click on the copy button to get your wallet address:
  3. Find the Lokinet address you would like to map to the Lokinet Domain Name, use this command:
    host -t cname localhost.loki
    Or, if you just need a temporary holding place for your domain, you can always get your own Lokinet address form the Lokinet GUI program, just click on the copy button to the right of the Lokinet address: