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How to Receive Email Anonymously

This guide is also available as a YouTube video. Watch it on Youtube or anonymously over Lokinet at Invidious.Loki

Every now and then a need arises to be able to receive email anonymously. Maybe you are setting up an account that requires email confirmation, or something else. Now there is an easy way to accomplish that, for free. It’s called Mailsnapp.Loki. And because it is on Lokinet, nobody will be able to find out who read the anonymously received email as Lokinet hides your real IP address.

  1. Make sure you have Lokinet Installed. If not, you can download Lokinet from It is available for Windows, Mac & Linux
  2. Send an email to So, something like or or – you get the idea.
  3. Connect to Lokinet
  4. Go to http://mailsnapp.loki and type the email address you used in the email address box and click “Access account” button. Modern browsers warn about http addresses, and almost all Lokinet sites are http sites because the Lokinet protocol already encrypts the transmitted data. Using https on Lokinet is double-encrypting.
  5. Click on the green Open Email button
  6. Read your anonymously received email!